Martinova Oy

Company profile

  1. Martinova Oy is a private company owned 100 % by Martti Tumanto, founded 2007. Company mission is to offer high-quality database solutions and tailoring. We integrate databases as seamless part of peoples and organizations natural workflow, thus helping our customers to concentrate to their core business activities.

Person Profile

  1. Martti Tumanto has been a full-time professional File Maker Developer since 1989. He has graduated MSc in Geology, worked in academic research as well as marketing and sales management, thus having versatile background and abilities to analyze and understand processes and peoples within organizations.

  2. He has developed and been co-developer of large FileMaker Pro systems, mainly concentrated in systems for newspapers and graphic industry. Systems (XO-Press, XO-Print, Gallery) are full-featured business systems consisting CRM, print estimating, ERP, Invoicing etc.


  1. I am committed to my customers and my closest ones

  2. I have passion to improve my understanding and skills

  3. I want to enjoy my work and life - and make co-operation with me enjoyable

  4. I have right to fail - and responsibility to repair mistakes and learn of them


  1. I have worked using agile software developing methods even before the method has been invented. It means intensive interaction with customers, small steps in developing, flexibility. File Maker Pro is ideal tool for that kind of approach.

  2. I also know, that our resources are limited. Thats why I concentrate only to things we believe to manage. I have colleagues and parters we can co-operate when needed.

Products and services

  1. I am a “Database shoemaker”. I am committed in “Productivity tuning” of our customers. This goal will be reached by combining my database and computer skills to high level of understanding of organizational and human processes. I have chosen FileMaker Pro as tool because its flexibility and scaleability.

  2. I am willing to repair existing databases and make new ones from scratch. I also know, that communication to other computer systems (Office, Ledgers, Web etc) is necessary. Technologies to do this are familiar to me ( XML, SOAP, SQL, ODCB to mention some).

  3. XO-Press is our product for newspaper and magazine administration. It includes all components of managing subscribers, customers advertising and all financial transactions

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